MyFirearms upgrade will impact draft applications and forms
From 16 June to 24 June 2023, we’re carrying out a system upgrade to support the launch of the Firearms Registry. MyFirearms will be unavailable during this time. As part of this upgrade, we will need to delete all draft applications and forms. This includes any that have been saved but unsubmitted for less than the usual 30-day retention period. If you start an application in MyFirearms, please complete and submit it before 16 June 2023. We apologise for any inconvenience. For help with your application, call 0800 844 431.


Manage your firearms with MyFirearms logo


This will give you the ability to manage and pay for your licensing and some endorsements online. 

It will also allow you to update your personal information, such as address details, and provide us details on any change of health practitioner. You will be able to log in to MyFirearms via RealMe® and be able to save a partially completed application and come back to it later.

Payments will be able to made online via a debit or credit card. The introduction of MyFirearms is one of the steps we are taking to modernise our work around firearms and become an effective regulator of the Arms Act. 

Manage and apply with MyFirearms

What can I use MyFirearms for?


You can use MyFirearms to:

Apply or reapply for a Firearms licence
Apply or reapply for a dealer's licence
Notify us that you have changed address or contact details
Notify us that you have changed your health practitioner
Apply for these endorsements: 

Bona Fide Collector
Dealer Employee
Pest Control Employee
Pest Control Employer
Pistol Target Shooting

How to use MyFirearms

What you will need:

A RealMe® login
A laptop, desktop or tablet and a mobile phone
Internet access
A credit card
Identity documentation (i.e: drivers licence, passport)

Is it safe to pay online?

Payments can be made using an authorised credit or debit card. We process payments using our secure payment service Spreedly and Paystation. We do not keep a record of your credit card details.

These details are held within the banking system so we have proof of your payment.

Application fees are calculated at the time of submission.

Payments are made in New Zealand Dollars (NZD$). We do not accept any risk or liability where foreign exchange rates change how much you end up paying.

It is your responsibility to make sure:

  • all payment details are correct
  • you are legally entitled to make the payment
  • you have sufficient funds in your account.



You'll need a Realme® login to access MyFirearms


Follow steps to complete your application.


Pay securely online with a credit or debit card



Need help?

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