If you are bringing arms items or ammunition with you, you must tell us what you are bringing when you complete your application for a visitor's licence.

What visitors can bring to New Zealand

When you have a visitor’s firearms licence, you may only bring:

  • non-prohibited rifles and shotguns
  • pistols for pistol competitions
  • ammunition for the firearms you’re bringing.

Semi-automatic firearms you can bring to New Zealand

In some situations, you may be able to bring semi-automatic firearms to New Zealand. 

You may be able to bring:

  • semi-automatic firearms: 
    • capable of firing only 0.22 calibre or lower rimfire cartridges 
    • with magazines capable of holding no more than 10 cartridges 
  • semi-automatic shotguns with non-detachable tubular magazines or magazines that cannot hold more than 5 cartridges 
  • small semi-automatic pistols, for organised and approved pistol competitions only. 

What visitors cannot bring to New Zealand

Certain firearms and parts are prohibited or restricted in New Zealand and are not able to be brought in by visitors

You cannot bring these items to New Zealand with you:

  • centrefire pump-action rifle with non-detachable magazines (tubular or otherwise) that can hold more than 10 cartridges 
  • centrefire pump-action rifle that can be used with detachable magazines  
  • pump-action shotgun with a non-detachable tubular magazine that holds more than 5 cartridges 
  • pump-action shotgun that can be used with a detachable magazine
  • restricted weapons, for example fully automatic or select fire firearms
  • semi-automatic firearm – however there are some exceptions, see above. 

The Arms Act 1983 has more detail about the firearms, magazines and parts that are prohibited or restricted n New Zealand:

Firearms Registry requirements apply from 24 June 2023

Firearms, major firearm parts and pistol carbine conversion kits (PCCKs) you bring into New Zealand need to be registered.

We will register them on your behalf when you apply for your visitor's firearms licence and permit to import. If we need more information about the items, we will contact you.

Firearms Registry

Information to provide in your visitor’s licence application when you bring arms items

If you intend to bring your own firearms or ammunition into New Zealand, you need to include the following information in your visitor’s licence application:

Firearms details:

  • make
  • model
  • calibre/gauge
  • action type, for example, bolt or semi-automatic
  • serial number.

Ammunition details:

  • type 
  • quantity.

When you depart New Zealand

Check what you need to do when you depart New Zealand.

When you depart New Zealand


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