The fastest way to apply for or ‘renew’ an endorsement is online through MyFirearms. It costs $204.

Before you begin

Check what the endorsement allows you to do, who can apply, and what you need to provide in your application.

Before you apply for an endorsement as a bona fide collector endorsement

How endorsements work

If you’re reapplying for (‘renewing’) your endorsement

If we receive your application before your current firearms licence and endorsement expires, you can continue to have your collection and add to it until the new one is issued.

Separate application forms each are required if you are applying for or renewing a licence and endorsements.

Note: Reapplying for an endorsement is often referred to as a ‘renewal’, but you are not actually renewing your old endorsement. Each time you apply for an endorsement, your application is considered in full against the requirements of the Arms Act 1983. 

If you’re applying for a licence as well as an endorsement

Licences and endorsements have separate application forms.  

There is a fee for each. 

How much it costs

It costs $204 to apply for an endorsement.

If you apply for other endorsements at the same time, you only pay $204 in total.

This endorsement fee is in addition to a firearms licence application fee.

Fees include GST.

The fastest way to apply and pay is online through MyFirearms (there is a 1.9% card payment fee).

Fees cover the cost of processing your application and are not refundable regardless of the outcome of your application. 

Apply online through MyFirearms

To use MyFirearms, you must have a mobile phone and a RealMe login (not a ‘RealMe verified identity’). If you do not have a RealMe login already, you’ll be prompted to create one before you start your application. 

What is RealMe?

RealMe is a New Zealand government service for proving your identity online.

You only need a RealMe login to use MyFirearms.

You do not need a RealMe verified identity.

RealMe website

Step 1: Log in

Visit MyFirearms and log in with your RealMe account.

You’ll need your mobile phone to carry out the security check.

Visit MyFirearms

Step 2: Complete the Endorsement Application form

Select 'Endorsement application' and complete the form.

Save a draft to make sure you do not lose the information you have entered. Once saved, you must submit your application within 30 days, or it will be removed from your account.

Step 3: Review the summary

Check everything is correct, and when you're ready click 'Pay now'.

Error message?

If you get an error message that says, 'linked endorsements must be completed prior to submission', check you have completed 'endorsement details' for all the endorsements you are applying for.

When all your endorsements show 'Ready for submission', try 'Pay now' again.

Step 4: Complete payment information and submit form

Complete payment information, and when you're ready click 'Pay now'.

You’ll receive an email to confirm we’ve received your application.

You can pay online with Visa or Mastercard. You will be charged a credit card surcharge of 1.9%. 

How to apply by post

Step 1: Print, complete and sign the form

Endorsement application form: Bona fide collector (FRM29CP) (PDF 250.5KB)

Step 2: Pay the fee

Pay the application fee at an NZ PostShop and get a receipt to include with your application.

Find NZ Post

Step 3: Post or deliver your form and supporting documents

You can submit your form with your supporting documents by:

  • handing in to your local Police station
  • posting them to New Zealand Police, National Support Team – Kapiti, PO Box 722, Paraparaumu 5032. 

What to expect after you submit your application

Once your application has been received, we will carry out further checks to assess whether you are a suitable person to be issued an endorsement.

This includes:

  • arranging an in-person interview with you to discuss your application
  • interviewing your referee and asking them to complete a questionnaire
  • showing us your storage facilities. 

Approving or refusing your application

If we approve your application, you’ll receive a letter.

If we are considering refusing your application, you’ll receive a letter, and be given the opportunity to provide further information and make a submission. After the response time has lapsed, we will consider your submission (if any) and make a final decision.  

If it is refused, you may appeal to the District Court.

Arms Act 1983, section 62B – Right of appeal to District Court | Legislation website

You must appeal within 20 working days of the refusal decision (unless the court gives special leave to extend that time).

Fees cover the cost of processing your application and are not refundable regardless of the outcome of your application. 


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