Find out when you must register your dealer stock and how to meet new record-keeping requirements from 24 June 2023.

Record-keeping requirements are changing from 24 June 2023

From 24 June 2023, some transactions between dealers and firearms licence holders must be recorded using the Dealer Transactions form on our website.

This is an interim step until dealers and their dealer stock are brought into the Firearms Registry.

Providing information through the Dealer Transactions form means we can make sure firearms licence holders are aware of the requirement to register their arms items.

For transactions entered into this online form, you no longer need to use the Firearms Licence Checker. The Dealer Transactions form will validate the customer’s licence details.

Record dealer transactions online

If you’re a gunsmith

You are not required to record items brought in for repair or modification in the Dealer Transactions form. You’ll continue to record these transactions in your usual dealer records book.

You are still required to use the Firearms Licence Checker tool for transactions entered into your dealer records book.

Firearms Licence Checker

When you must register your dealer stock

Before 24 June 2025, or soon after, firearms dealers will need to provide information about their dealer stock of arms for the Firearms Registry.

The exact date you’ll be required to do this will depend on when the Commissioner decides you should be brought into the Registry, and the type and frequency of your dealer activities.

You’ll be required to register your dealer stock:

  • when an ‘activating circumstance’ occurs, and
  • whichever of the following is earlier:
    • the date that the Commissioner determines for you to be brought into the Registry – this will be considered case by case, where practical, after discussion with the dealer
    • 24 June 2025.

Learn about activating circumstances

Example of how a dealer could be brought into the Firearms Registry

The Commissioner determines a date of 25 July 2025 for Dealer A after discussing the likely quantity of dealer stock and making sure they understand how to register.

Dealer A then sells a firearm on 26 July 2024. The details of that firearm transfer need to be registered at the time of the sale or immediately afterwards – the rest of Dealer A’s dealer stock must be registered within 30 days of that sale.

What you can expect to happen next

If you’re a dealer, you can expect Te Tari Pūreke to contact you with more information about what you need to do.

We'll work with each dealer to:

  • get information so the Commissioner can determine a reasonable time frame for you to start operating in the Registry
  • make sure you have the information you need to register your dealer stock.

Your ongoing responsibilities as a dealer

Once you have registered your dealer stock, you must update your information in the Registry every time you supply, receive or manufacture a specified arms item.


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