The requirement for firearms dealers to register their stock holdings will be phased in over the next 2 years. Record-keeping requirements are changing from 24 June 2023.

Firearms dealers will be required to register their arms items by 24 June 2025

If you’re a dealer, you can expect Te Tari Pūreke to contact you with more information about what you need to do. The requirement for dealers to register their stock holdings will be phased in on a case-by-case basis over the next 2 years. We’ll work with you to register your stock of arms before 24 June 2025.

Record-keeping requirements are changing from 24 June 2023

From 24 June 2023, dealers must use our online dealer transactions form to record some of their transactions with individual firearms licence holders. This is the first part in our work to bring dealers into the Firearms Registry. Providing this information through the online form also means we can make sure firearms licence holders are aware of the requirement to register their arms items.

What you’ll record in the online dealer transactions form

You must use the online dealer transactions form when you sell, supply or receive any of the following specified items:

  • non-prohibited firearms, including Specially Dangerous Airguns (PCPs)
  • prohibited firearms and magazines
  • pistols
  • restricted weapons
  • major parts
  • pistol carbine conversion kits.

For each arms item, you must record:

  • make
  • model
  • identification marking (for example, a serial number)
  • action type (as appropriate)
  • calibre/gauge (as appropriate)
  • rounds (as appropriate).

If you receive or supply a pistol, prohibited firearm, prohibited magazine, restricted weapon or pistol carbine conversion kit, you will also need to record some details of the buyer’s permit to possess, including:

  • permit number
  • issue date
  • office location (code).

The online form will validate the customer’s licence information, so you’ll no longer need to use the Firearms Licence Checker.

Note: If the online transactions form is unavailable at the time of sale
If the online form is unavailable, record the transaction in your dealer book. You must transfer the information to the online form when it is available again.


What you’ll continue to record in your dealer book

You’ll continue to record the following transactions in your dealer book:

  • ammunition sales
  • dealer-to-dealer transfers of arms items and ammunition
  • airgun sales and supply for shooting or hunting activities
  • exports to individuals without a New Zealand firearms licence
  • specified arms items surrendered by an unlicensed individual (unless the surrender is in accordance with Section 59A of the Arms Act 1983)
  • non-prohibited magazine sales.

For auctions, you must also continue to record the:

  • date and place of the auction
  • name of the auctioneer who conducted the auction
  • method of delivery of the item to the purchaser.



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