Safety is critical when storing, handling, or using a firearm.

It is vital that any person using firearms has a strong understanding of the Firearms Safety Code, particularly the 7 basic rules of firearms safety


Read the Firearms Safety Code

Firearms Safety Code 2022-English (PDF 1.8MB)

Previous versions
If you are booked onto a Firearms Safety Course between 1 November 2022 and 28 February 2023, you can study either the Firearms Safety Code 2022, or the Arms Code 2013.  All Firearms Safety Courses taken on 1 March 2023 onwards will use the Firearms Safety Code 2022 as course material.

The Arms Code 2013 - English (PDF 1.4MB) 

Updates to the new Firearms Safety Code

The Firearms Safety Code 2022 was reviewed and updated in consultation with members of the Firearms Community Advisory Forum and other subject matter experts.  We sincerely thank our firearms community members for their collaboration on this work.

E whakawhanakehia ana Te Ture Haumaru Pū i Te Reo Māori, ā, ka whakaputaina ki konei hei te tōmuatanga o te tau 2023.The Firearms Safety Code in Te Reo Māori is being developed and will be published here in 2023.



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