Find out what to do if you want to export, import or manufacture arms items in New Zealand.

Importing firearms and other arms items

Before you import any of the following items, whether an overseas supplier sends those items to you or you bring them in with you, you must first get a permit to import: 

  • a firearm (other than a prohibited firearm), pistol, restricted airgun, restricted weapon, or blank-firing gun 
  • any part of a firearm (other than a prohibited firearm), pistol, restricted weapon, or blank-firing gun 
  • non-prohibited ammunition (other than projectiles for airguns) 
  • a pistol carbine conversion kit 
  • an air pistol carbine conversion kit 
  • a prohibited item 
  • prohibited ammunition that is authorised or permitted expressly by or pursuant to this Act to be possessed. 

You must do this each time. 

Permit to import

Exporting firearms and other arms items

For information about applying for an export permit, visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade website. 

How to export military and dual use goods -

Manufacturing arms items

If you intend to manufacture arms items, that proposed dealer activity should be specified on your dealer licence application and that dealer activity and the class/es of arms items that you propose to manufacture must be specified on your dealer licence.   

In addition, you must apply to the Commissioner for approval before you start manufacturing any of the following:  

  • pistols  
  • restricted weapons  
  • pistol carbine conversion kits  
  • air pistol carbine conversion kits. 

You must state the number of items you intend to manufacture.  

For pistols, restricted weapons, and pistol carbine conversion kits, your application must satisfy the Commissioner there are special reasons these items you are proposing to manufacture should be in New Zealand. 

The Commissioner can give you approval to manufacture air pistol carbine conversion kits only if satisfied that the kits are for the personal use of members of an airsoft or paintball club affiliated with a national organisation. 

Application by a licensed dealer for approval to manufacture certain classes of arms items PDF (120 KB)

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