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No more scanning receipts or trips to NZ Post Shops. Use MyFirearms to apply for your:

  • New Zealand firearms licence
  • dealer licence
  • dealer licence endorsement
  • dealer employee endorsement
  • pest control employer and employee endorsements
  • bona fide collector endorsement
  • pistol target shooting endorsement
  • broadcaster, theatrical, living history, and theatrical armourer endorsement*
  • memento and heirloom endorsement*

*To apply for these two endorsements, you must complete downloaded PDF forms for them.


If you are applying for other endorsements in MyFirearms at the same time, you can upload in MyFirearms completed PDF application forms for these endorsements.

If you are applying for one or both of these endorsements only, you cannot upload their application forms in MyFirearms. Instead, you must upload them on this website.


In MyFirearms, you can also notify us of your:

  • Change of address or contact details
  • Change of health practitioner



How to apply with  MyFirearms logo


1.    Log in to MyFirearms.

  • Log in with your RealMe login.
  • If you don't have a RealMe login, click 'create your RealMe login' and follow the guidance to create one.

2.    Select and start the application form you want to complete and submit.

  • Start a new form or return to a draft form.
  • Save an incomplete form as a draft form, log out, log back in, and return to complete the form, as many times as you want to.
  • Save as many draft forms at the same time as you want to.

3.    Prepare and upload your supporting documents.

  • Check you have scanned copies or digital photos of your supporting documents ready to upload.
  • Click ‘Upload’ on the application form to upload supporting documents as you complete the form

4.    Complete, review, and submit the application form.

  • You can view your submitted forms at any time.

5.    Pay online with your Visa or Mastercard.

  • You get an email confirming you have made the payment.
  • Your bank may charge you a fee for an online transaction.

How to use two-factor authentication when you log in with RealMe

For your security, Te Tari Pūreke requires you to set up two-factor authentication for your RealMe login to use MyFirearms.

Two-factor authentication means that after you enter your RealMe login – your username and password – RealMe asks you to enter a code to finish logging in. You will need a mobile phone to complete this process.

You can choose to get the code either:

  • by text message, or 
  • from the Google authenticator app

We recommend you set up two-factor authentication for your RealMe login to get the code by text message as it is faster.

Set up two-factor authentication to get the code by text message

1.    Log in to MyFirearms with RealMe.

  • On the homepage, click 'Log in to MyFirearms'.
  • Enter your RealMe username and password.

2.    Click the ‘Settings’ tab.
3.    On ‘Change your Mobile number’, click the plus sign.
4.    Select your country code and enter your mobile number.

  • You can use an overseas mobile number. Your mobile service provider may charge you a fee if you use an overseas mobile number for this service.

5.    Click 'Save changes'.
6.    Log out of MyFirearms.
7.    Log back in with RealMe and follow the guidance to complete two-factor authentication with a code by text message.



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Using a RealMe login with MyFirearms
Using a RealMe login with MyFirearms
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