Firearms Registry requirements apply from 24 June 2023
The first time you purchase or receive an arms item from 24 June 2023 you must register that item as soon as is practicable, but within 30 days. You must also register all remaining arms items in your possession within 30 days.
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How to submit

Please refer to each form for submission information.

See Buying & selling for more information about mail order and internet sales.


Mail order or Internet sales of non-prohibited firearm(s), airgun(s) non-prohibited magazines, and/or ammunition
Required where arms items (excluding prohibited parts) are being sold without in-person completion of the sale.
Section 43A(1) and (2) of the Arms Act 1983
FRM43A (Editable PDF 117KB)


Mail Order or Internet sales of prohibited parts
This mail order or Internet sales form is required where prohibited parts are being sold without in-person completion of the sale.  Section 43A(3) of the Arms Act 1983.
FRM43A-PP (Editable PDF 122KB)



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