Firearms Registry requirements apply from 24 June 2023
The first time you apply for a licence or endorsement from 24 June 2023, you must register all arms items in your possession within 30 days.
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Firearms licence holders and dealers are required to meet secure storage standards for firearms and ammunition.

On 1 February 2022, a key change to the Arms Regulations 1992 came into effect. Some of the changes relate to the secure storage of ammunition for ammunition sellers, and anyone with a dealer’s licence that is selling ammunition*.

Under Section 8A ‘Conditions of dealer’s licence: security of firearms, etc, at licensed dealer’s place of business’ and Section 9H ‘Secure storage of ammunition’ of the Regulations.

Meeting the new requirements

When the new regulations came out on 1 February 2022 Police recognised that there would be a transition period for dealers to comply with the new ammunition storage and display requirements. 

Thank you to the many firearms dealers and ammunition sellers who are already fully compliant with the storage and display requirements. 

For those that are still to meet the requirements, Police expect compliance to be achieved by 1 May 2023. 

Secure storage guidance document

Secure storage and display guide for firearms dealers and ammunition sellers (PDF, 4MB) 

All firearms dealers and ammunition sellers are subject to conditions that require the safe and secure storage of firearms and ammunition stored and displayed in their premises.

This is a new document that is being progressively developed in consultation with firearms dealer representatives.

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