If you want to use a firearm unsupervised during your visit to New Zealand, you must obtain a visitor firearm licence.

To ensure your licence application is processed in time for your arrival to New Zealand, we recommend you apply a minimum of four months before your visit. 

Visitor licence services hours over holiday season
As we head towards the holiday period we want you to be aware that visitor licence services will not be offered for the period 17/12/22 to 8/1/23.

Apply for a visitor's firearms licence now

If you don’t obtain a visitor firearm licence, you can only use a firearm under the immediate supervision of a New Zealand licence firearms holder. Apply here


Eligibility criteria for a visitor firearms licence

What you need to apply for a visitor firearms licence.

Bringing firearms into New Zealand

A breakdown of the information you need to supply and what is currently prohibited.

When you arrive in New Zealand

Your approved visitor firearms licence will be issued to you by New Zealand Police upon your arrival in New Zealand. 

Leaving New Zealand with firearms

Before you go, make sure you have made all the proper arrangements for your firearms.





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