19 February 2018

In response to a recent question on Police’s ability to require firearms security storage to be in place when conducting a licensing visit. Police require all licence applicants (new or renewal) to have approved security in place at their residence.

  • Every firearms licence is subject to the conditions relating to security precautions set out in regulation 19.
  • Regulation 19(1)(c) requires that the licence holder “take reasonable steps to ensure that any firearm in the holder’s possession is secured against theft.”
  • Regulation (2) provides that from 1 July 1993, those reasonable steps shall include:
  1. keeping on the holder’s premises—
    • a lockable cabinet, container, or receptacle of stout construction in which firearms may be stored; or
    • a lockable steel and concrete strongroom in which firearms may be stored; or
    • a display cabinet or rack in which firearms may be immobilised and locked so that none of them may be fired; and
  2. keeping locked or immobilised and locked in the cabinet, container, receptacle, strongroom, display cabinet, or rack required by paragraph (a) every firearm which is on the holder’s premises and which is not under immediate and personal supervision of the holder or some other holder of a firearms licence; and
  3. ensuring that no firearm in the holder’s possession is left in a vehicle that is unattended.


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