28 July 2023

The Arms Amendment Regulations 2023 come into force from 24 June 2023 and set out Firearms Registry requirements for firearms licence holders and dealers. The intent of the regulations is to be consistent with the Arms Act without overregulating licence holders.

However, there was an omission in those regulations which meant certain types of low-risk firearms that can be owned without the need for a firearms licence were unintentionally captured by the regulations. These included, for example, flare pistols, underwater spear guns, tranquilliser guns, and deer net guns. 

This potentially had the consequence of requiring people to register these items in the new Firearms Register and needing to put identification markings on these low-risk firearms. 

This was remedied through amended regulations on 28 July 2023 and these types of low-risk firearms have been removed from the scope of the registry regulations. 

Arms Amendment Regulations 2023


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