21 December 0220

The next round of law changes come into effect on 24 December 2020. You can read more about these:

Firearms legislation changes

A significant group of changes came into effect in June this year, including limiting first time licences to five years. The next changes focus largely on a person’s suitability to hold a licence. They clarify the fit and proper criteria for firearms licensing, restrict ammunition sales, and give Police more compliance tools through a graduated response model. This includes enabling health practitioners to escalate medical concerns around safety for patients who are firearms licence holders. Police will also be able to inspect licence holder’s firearms security arrangements and the firearms they are holding at any time providing we give seven days’ notice and visit at a reasonable time.

Police will be working hard to give effect to these changes and work with our firearms community to ensure they understand their new compliance responsibilities.

We have a good partnership with our firearms community and we are committed to maintaining and growing that relationship to ensure that together we are working to keep firearms only in the hands of people who have shown themselves responsible enough to have them.


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