If you want to complete forms by hand, you'll find them listed below.


How to complete PDF forms


How to use editable PDFs

  • Download the form and edit it using your PDF software. We recommend Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you need to download the latest version, visit the Adobe website.
  • Save a copy of the completed form for your own records, and upload to the Firearms forms upload web page.
  • By submitting your application or permit by email, you consent to providing the information by electronic means.


Important note
If the form is completed using an internet browser, the entered information may be lost if you click on the 'back' button or if you try to save it.

How to scan documents

We don’t recommend scanning documents as this creates a large file size that may exceed the limit for the Firearms forms upload web page.

If you need to scan a document, adjust your scan settings to a lower quality setting (this excludes photographs which must be high quality). The main scanner/printer settings to adjust are:

  • scan in ‘black and white’ (as opposed to ‘colour’)
  • lower the resolution (dpi) to approx. 300 (as opposed to ~600+/high quality)
  • if available, select the option to compress the output/PDF file
  • scan the document to create a .PDF file. Do not output to an image file such as .JPEG, .TIFF, .PNG.

How to submit forms

For licence, endorsement, and approval to manufacture applications, upload the form to the Firearms forms upload web page.

For all other forms, send to the email address stated at the top of each section.



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