Find out how to register your firearms and other arms items online or over the phone.

Before you begin

You must record the details of any firearms (including pistols, restricted weapons and prohibited firearms), major firearm parts, prohibited magazines or pistol carbine conversion kits in your possession.

What you must record in the Firearms Registry

Depending on the type of item, this may include its:

  • make
  • model
  • type (for example, shotgun, rifle, etc)
  • action (for example, bolt action, semi-automatic, etc)
  • calibre/gauge
  • identification marking (such as a serial number).

Registering your arms items will take less time if you find this information before you start.

Get help registering a firearm

If you have an arms item but do not have a firearms licence

You cannot register an arms item if you do not have a firearms licence. You can hand the arms item over to a firearms licence holder, firearms dealer, or you could surrender it to Police.

Handing in or surrendering a firearm

Identification markings

You cannot register an arms item online if it:

  • has no identification marking, or
  • has one that uses characters other than A-Z, 0-9, slashes and dashes.

Read our guide to selecting and applying a marking where one does not already exist or is in a foreign language and needs to be replaced:

For help, call our Registry and Services team on 0800 844 431 between 8.30am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Registering online through MyFirearms

The fastest way to register your arms items is through our website using MyFirearms

To use MyFirearms, you must have a mobile phone and a RealMe login. If you do not have a RealMe login already, you’ll be prompted to create one before you start your application.

What is RealMe?

RealMe is a New Zealand government service for proving your identity online.

  • You only need a RealMe login to use MyFirearms.

  • You do not need a RealMe verified identity.

Visit the RealMe website

Step 1: Log in

Visit MyFirearms and log in with your RealMe account. You’ll need your mobile phone to carry out the security check.

Visit MyFirearms

Step 2: Create your MyFirearms profile

The first time you log in to MyFirearms after 24 June, you must fill in the Complete Your Profile form.

You need to provide your name, date of birth and the details of your New Zealand firearms licence.

A MyFirearms profile is unique to each person. It will be linked to your firearms licence, so you do not need to provide these details again when using MyFirearms.

Step 3: Complete the Register Arms Item form

Select the ‘New Submission’ button, then choose Register Arms Items. Once you have agreed to the privacy statement and terms of use, you can enter your arms item details in the following categories:

  • Firearms
  • Major firearm parts
  • Prohibited magazines
  • Pistol carbine conversion kits (PCCKs)

Note: Save a draft to make sure you do not lose the information you have entered. You must submit your application within 30 days or it may be removed from your account.

Step 4: Complete the declaration

Before you can submit the form, you must confirm that the information you have provided is true and correct, and that you understand your obligations under the Arms Act 1983.

Step 5: Check all your information is correct

Review the summary, which shows all the information you have entered. To make changes, use the ‘Back’ button or select the heading for each section at the top of the form.

Step 6: Submit the form

Once you’re satisfied that the information you’ve provided is correct, submit the form. You’ll receive an email to confirm we’ve received your application.

Watch our video for step-by-step instructions

Registering over the phone

You can register your arms items over the phone by calling our Registry and Services team between 8.30am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Make sure you have all the information you need about your arms items before you call.

Accessing details of your registered arms items

How to validate your MyFirearms account

For security reasons, you can only access a list of your registered arms items online through a validated MyFirearms account.

Step 1: Log in

Visit MyFirearms and log in with your RealMe account. You’ll need your mobile phone to carry out the security check.

Visit MyFirearms

Step 2: Go to My Submissions

Select the ‘My Submission’ link at the top of that page. This will take you to your My Submission dashboard.

Step 3: Go to MyFirearms Submitted Forms

Select the heading ‘MyFirearms Submitted Forms’. This will show you all the forms you have submitted online.

Step 4: Find your Complete Your Profile form

Under the heading ‘My submitted other forms’ you will find a link to your Complete Your Profile form. The link will start with the letters ‘CYP’. Select the link.

Step 5: Save and print the PDF

You’ll find a PDF file at the top of the Submission page. Save it to your device, then print a copy out.

Step 6: Bring the form to a Police station

Bring the printed form in person to a Police station, together with your firearms licence card. Once your identity has been confirmed, your MyFirearms account will be validated. This may take a few days.


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