Proactively released information, including Cabinet papers, firearms data and Official Information Act requests. Te Tari Pūreke proactively releases information as part of its commitment to openness and transparency.

Firearms trust and confidence survey

This section contains the trust and confidence survey results that may be of interest to the general public and the wider firearms community.

Firearms data

This section contains firearms regulatory information to help people better understand features of the licence holder community, and aspects of the performance of New Zealand’s firearms regulatory framework.

The Firearms Public Dashboard

The dashboard contains a summary of:
•    individual licence holders (by Police District)
•    active firearms endorsements
•    the Firearms Registry uptake
•    firearms licence applications completed (in the last month)
•    suspensions and revocations processed (in the last month), and
•    demographics of firearms licence holders (Age, gender, and ethnicity).

The Firearms Data Information Release (Monthly)

This contains:
•    licences by type                  
•    endorsements by type
•    licence holders - current age                                
•    licence holders - gender                
•    licence holders - ethnicity             
•    licences by Police District              
•    individual licence endorsements by Police District                    
•    licence revocations by financial year                                                      
•    licence suspensions by financial year                                                                
•    licences issued by financial year                                     
•    licences in progress, and                       
•    endorsements in progress.

2023 data

Cabinet papers and related material

This section contains proactively released cabinet papers, discussion documents and other material that may be of interest to the wider firearms community.



2021 and earlier

For firearms-related proactive release papers from 2021 or prior, visit the Police website:
Publications and statistics | New Zealand Police

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20 June 2024


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