An Improvement Notice is issued when a club or range does not meet a standard. It may lead to a temporary suspension.

An Improvement Notice may be issued as a result of a regulatory club or range inspection when the club or range: 

  • does not meet a standard
  • has contravened, is contravening or is likely to contravene Section 38V of the Arms Act 1983
  • has failed, is failing or is likely to fail to comply with a condition of its certification.

The Improvement Notice must describe: 

  • the breach (or likely breach)
  • the provision that is being breached (or is likely to be breached)
  • the date by which the club or range must comply with the notice.

The notice includes advice and measures to help the club or range fix the breach in time.

If you do not comply with an Improvement Notice

Te Tari Pūreke may temporarily suspend the operations of a shooting club or shooting range if it has failed to comply with an Improvement Notice. 

The suspension gives time to Te Tari Pūreke to consider whether the club's certificate of approval or the range's certification should be cancelled. 


If you have an enquiry about Improvement Notices: 


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