Clubs and ranges have responsibilities around storing firearms and ammunition, and selling and supplying that happens on the premises. 

Storage and transportation for clubs and ranges

Who is responsible for secure storage at a club or range?

If firearms or ammunition are stored at the premises used by a shooting club, the club must ensure that secure storage facilities are available. The club is the one named on its certificate of approval. 

If firearms or ammunition are stored at the premises of a shooting range, the Shooting Range Operator must ensure that secure storage facilities are available. 

When are items considered stored?

Firearms or ammunition are considered stored at a club or range premises if they are not in the physical possession of a licence holder. That might be overnight, or shorter periods such as a lunch break. 

Licence holder responsibilities

Licence holders are still responsible for the security of any firearm or ammunition in their possession while at club or range premises.  

Storage and transportation guide

Visit the storage and transportation section to download the Secure Storage and Transportation Guide for Firearms and Ammunition. 

Section 5 includes detailed guidance for clubs and ranges.

Storage and transportation of firearms and ammunition

Selling or supplying by clubs and ranges

Range operators must hold a dealer's licence if they sell, hire, lend or supply firearms, ammunition or other arms items, unless they are a shooting club that is an incorporated society.

If you do need a dealer’s licence, apply for it before you submit your range certification application. 

Dealer's licence

Shooting club members:

A shooting club member with a firearms licence (and endorsement) does not need a dealer’s licence if they: 

  • sell, hire, lend, or supply firearms to a club member, or on club premises, with the approval of the club management committee or a majority vote of club members, and 
  • revenue from the sale, hire, lending or supply is used for the benefit of the club. 


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