Use these videos and other resources to prepare for shooting range certification.

Firearms Registry requirements apply from 24 June 2023

Shooting ranges will need an individual firearms licence holder to register range firearms under their individual account in the Firearms Registry. This could be split between multiple people, but if one of these people resigns from the range, the arms items must be transferred to another member of the range with a firearms licence and any required endorsements.

Find out what the Firearms Registry means for you

Download the Shooting Range Manual

The manual sets out: 

  • who can make an application to certify a range 
  • responsibilities of the SRO (Shooting Range Operator) 
  • guidance to help you complete an application for shooting range certification. 

Shooting range danger area – electronic templating 

The following presentations explain and demonstrate 4 methods that can be used to determine a shooting range danger area by application of an electronic ammunition danger area template. 

The PDF presentation files may be downloaded for your continued reference.

Presentation 4 – Shotgun shooting range danger templating using Google Earth. (This presentation is not currently available)

The template library (in MS Powerpoint format) has been made available so that you can copy and paste your selected ammunition danger area template (ADAT) for practical application. It is not necessary to download the complete file.


Shooting range danger area – manual templating

The following videos explain and demonstrate 3 methods that can be used to determine a shooting range danger area by manual application of an ammunition danger area template. 

The videos can be paused, stopped, replayed or downloaded at your convenience. 

  1. Template Application 1 – MP4 Video - 17mins 34secs – 1,498,087KB
  2. Template Application 2 – MP4 Video - 19mins 37secs – 1,672,409KB
  3. Template Application 3 – MP4 Video - 17mins 18secs – 1,472,244KB

Ammunition Danger Area Templates

The ADATs are drawn to 1:50,000 and 1:25,000 scale. The use of ADATs is detailed in section 5 of the Shooting Range Manual.

Tip: To help draw the scale diagram of the range danger area, print the selected ADAT then photocopy it onto an overhead projector transparency film, then apply it to a map of the area to the same scale.  


Contact the Clubs and Ranges team if you have any questions. 



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